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Imagine for a moment as to how the world would look when all of your childhood action shows blended together to create one large, overarching universe where the actions of one effect the reality of the others. What would happen if Dragon Ball Z meets the Justice League? Yu Yu Hakusho meets the X-Men? Or Bleach meets Death Note? That is what Dragon Sagas is all about. A place where all of the greatest action cartoons and anime of my generation are represented to create an entirely new universe composed of all interlocking parts. I invite you to join the largest ensemble that fanfiction has ever seen.

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There was once an idea of bringing the greatest action cartoons and anime of my generation together into one story; one universe. In 2008, I created that universe and following the story of Caliwone, a Saiyan Elite who accidentally escapes the destruction of planet Vegeta at the hands of Frieza and is catapulted through space in suspended animation to arrive on Earth thousands of years later. There, the Justice League finds him as he terrorizes the planet on a mistaken mission before coming to terms with his new life and what it means to create his own destiny.

Caliwone struggles with being an immigrant on a new world with new customs and rules and willingly giving up his old way of life. The truth of what has happened to him stares him coldly in the face throughout the series, Caliwone stumbles over his pride and trips through cultural blind spots before he ultimately learns what it means to persevere and find meaning where he once found only misery. He is able to find love, new passion, and eventually peace in his acceptance.

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