Up to this point: Dragon Sagas Timeline:

6,000 years ago- Dragon Sagas Origins takes place/Planet Vegeta is destroyed/Events of Dragonball/Z/Super/GT take place

8.5 years ago (2002)- Mars Lunar Exploration

7 years ago (2004)- X-men defeat Apocalypse

6.5 years ago (2004)- Mars Invasion/Justice League is formed

5.5 years ago (2005)- Thanagarian Invasion/The Justice League expands in the Justice League Unlimited

3.25 years ago (2007)- Justice League fights off Darkseid and Luthor and Darkseid disappear with the Anti-Life equation

3 years ago (2008)- Caliwone lands on Earth/Yusuke goes to Demon World

Zero year (2011)- Start of Dragon Sagas Book One and Caliwone is captured/Yusuke returns from Demon World

.2 years (2011)- Caliwone reluctantly joins the Justice League

.9 years (2011)- Dragon Sagas A Feudal Time takes place/Caliwone receives the Mangetsuken

1 year (2012)- Caliwone and Superman fight Doomsday and Caliwone leaves the League/Doomsday is launched into the sun/Caliwone joins the X-Men (Start of Dragon Sagas Book Two)

1.2 years (2012)- Caliwone is contacted by an unidentified Saiyan from the after life

1.75 years (2012)- Kitty, Sam, and Rahne are killed and Apocalypse is resurrected/ Caliwone meets Goku and Vegeta in Other World

1.8 years (2012)- The battle of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix conclude/ everybody who died is revived through Phoenix's powers

2.5 years (2013- Caliwone flies to Japan and meet Urameshi Yusuke and Kurosaki Ichigo (Start of Dragon Sagas Book Three)

2.75 years (2013)- Caliwone completes his own training and returns to Other World

3 years (2014)- Brainiac returns and the war on Mutants end/Helena Noventa fights Caliwone/Doomsday is capture in space by aliens

3.5 years (2014)- Dragon Sagas Infinite Crisis takes place

4 years (2015)- Caliwone and Helena complete a skirmish/Heroes prevent the collision of the asteroid with Earth

4.2 years (2015)- Batman fights Scarecrow one final time/3 aliens are jetisoned from the asteroid/Caliwone leads the heroes into battle/The first battle with the real Alien

4.5 years(2015)- Caliwone returns to Other World/The final battle over Genosha/Caliwone sacrifices himself and End Dragon Sagas: Book Four

6.5 years (2017)- Dragon Sagas: Destiny

8 years (2019)- Bruce Wayne retires as Batman/Opening of Batman Beyond Series

13 years (2024)- World War III

18 years (2029)- World War IV

28 years (2039)- Batman Beyond series

31 years (2042)- Dragon Sagas S2: Book One

31.5 years (2042)- Dragon Sagas S2: Book Two

Updates come as the story unfolds